How long are you going to sit around on your hands, putting off taking possession of the land that God, the God of your ancestors, has given you? — Joshua 18:3 (MSG)

To the procrastinators, this is for us. Perhaps differing from my fellow humans, I am a procrastinator out of self-doubt, fear, and also perfectionism. I am fearful of doing things that I am passionate about in a half-par manor. This fear + passion combination paralyzes me to nothingness. And because this prohibits me from moving forward, I turn to God and ask “LORD, when will you open up a door for me? When will I be able to do what I am passionate about? What about me?!!”

Then the Lord, opens my eyes to my own foolishness. He has already given me the desires of my heart. He has already gone before me looooong before I knew what I even wanted. Christ has done His part, now its up to us. It’s up to us to move forward, breaking down the thresholds of lies that entangle us. It is time to take possession.

It makes me sad that I could go my whole life just “sitting on the blueprints of my life” (Christine Caine) and not putting those plans into action, as God had intended. That’s what I love about Christ so much…He doesn’t force anyone to take His way – He simply creates the most perfect & rewarding life for each of us, plants gifts & desires into our spirit, and then allows us full access to His perfect wisdom & guidance. It is up to us to take possession of the land that has been given but it’s up to God to do a great work through us.

There is nothing God cannot do. In fact, the battle is already won. God already sees you living out your passion in a way that provides fulfillment and an unbelievable amount of glory to Him. Lucky for us, God is not half-par; He is perfect in all He does.

XO — Alexis Reinsel

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